Beyond Gravity produces cylindrical, conical and ogive-shaped structures made from prepreg for space applications. Several measures are already in place to minimize Foreign Object Damage (FOD) risks and to ensure that only high-quality parts are produced.

The Innovation Booster project aims to develop a detection system to prevent FOD during the composite layup process used in the production of functional composite panels. The system helps to avoid the waste of materials and to reduce the negative impact on the environment during production. Ultimately, this Beyond Gravity project seeks to offer even higher quality control, a reduction of material waste and an increase of the overall efficiency in the production of composite parts for space applications.

Picture: Demolding of a Payload Fairing after bonding process © Beyond Gravity Services AG

Call 3

Three project ideas were selected in the third call of the Innovation Booster «Plastics for Zero Emission». The teams will be supported with CHF 25,000 to further develop the solution idea.

Implementation partner of this project is Beyond Gravity, science partners are Inspire AG and the OST Institute for Materials Technology and Plastics Processing IWK.

«Plastics for Zero Emission» is supported by Innosuisse. Leading House is Composites United Switzerland, partners of the Innovation Booster are the Swiss Plastics Cluster and

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