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«Through the power of collective intelligence and expertise of the community, the Innovation Booster «Plastics for Zero Emission» has helped us to define a complex challenge and empowered us to generate bold, innovative solutions that drive positive change.»


Nicola D'Apice

Digitalization Manager, Beyond Gravity


Open innovation, design thinking, radical ideas

Do you want to reduce the CO2 emissions of your products in the field of plastics and composites? Develop a recyclable product or replace conventional raw materials with natural ones? Tackle these challenges thanks to our Innovation Booster “Plastics for Zero Emission”!

Our “Call for Challenges” enables Swiss companies to contribute a challenge or a problem statement as an implementation partner. Together, we sharpen and formulate these into challenges, which we then make known to potential idea finders in our network and beyond (universities, research institutions, start-ups as well as other companies and organisations).

We are explicitly looking for visionary challenges with a medium to long-term time horizon. Visions that need radical ideas which must first be tested for their desirability, viability and feasibility.

At our ideation workshop, initial ideas for solving your challenge are developed and teams are formed to continue working on the solution together with you. We support the teams with the most promising solution ideas with CHF 25’000.

The Participation in this “Call for Challenges” including support in formulating and sharpening the challenge, use of the Bamboostar Academy as well as the participation in the ideation workshop is free of charge. Only if you decide to select a project idea to work on in an interdisciplinary team will your financial contribution amount to CHF 5’000.


How does the our two-staged process work?

Challenge Stage:

Problem Exploration: Our Innovation Booster invites participants from diverse backgrounds to collaboratively explore problems. This stage focuses on identifying and understanding the core issues in the field of plastics and composites.

Radical Innovation: The goal is to co-create novel ideas for radical solutions. We emphasize bold, visionary ideas that challenge the status quo and aim for significant impact.

Open Innovation: This process is rooted in open innovation, encouraging broad participation and leveraging external knowledge to drive breakthroughs.

Calls: Our calls are framed as calls for challenges. They communicate the Innovation Booster’s initial offerings: collaborative problem exploration and co-creation of ideas. These calls aim to engage participants in generating new challenges rather than collecting pre-existing ideas.

Idea Selection: Applicants can apply for financial and expert support to test their ideas. The selection process involves a thorough review based on criteria including the alignment with zero-emission goals, potential impact, desirability/viability/feasibility and innovation. Eligibility requires participation in idea generation during the challenge stage.

Idea Stage:

Kind of Support: Beneficiaries will receive both financial and methodological support. This includes funding, mentorship, and access to resources necessary for idea development and testing.

Use of Funds: The funds can be used for activities that support the innovation process, including prototyping, testing, and validation. The objective is to explore the idea’s desirability, viability and feasibility comprehensively.

Idea Testing: Support during the idea stage includes rigorous testing to assess desirability, viability and feasibility. This is not solely a feasibility study; it encompasses a holistic approach to ensure that the innovation can meet market needs and be practically implemented.


How to participate:

  1. Submit Your Challenge: Send a OnePager to  Include detailed information about the specific problem you are facing and the impact you hope to achieve.
  2. Formulate and Sharpen: Work collaboratively with our experts to refine your challenge statement, making it clear and compelling for potential solvers.
  3. Ideation Workshop: Participate in our ideation workshop where you will meet potential collaborators, brainstorm solutions, and form teams.
  4. Development and Support: If your idea is selected, receive financial support and access to our resources.
  5. Implementation: Work with your interdisciplinary team to develop and implement your solution, contributing to a sustainable future in the field of plastics and composites.


  • Innovation Support: Access to a network of experts, researchers, and innovators.
  • Financial Aid: CHF 25,000 for the most promising ideas.
  • Collaborative Platform: Opportunity to work in a dynamic and interdisciplinary environment.
  • Sustainability Impact: Contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and promoting sustainable materials.

Important dates:

  • Challenge Submission Deadline: 6 July 2024
  • Pre-Evaluation Workshop: 9 July 2024 (online)
  • Ideation Workshop: 21 August 2024 (@Tibits, Lausanne)
  • Project Selection Announcement: 24 September 2024
  • Annual Networking Conference: 3 October 2024 (@Sika, Zurich)


Interested? Write us an e-mail, give us a call or fill out the form below, and we will help you to formulate your challenge / +41 52 520 74 00

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Do not hesitate to also contact us if you have any questions or uncertainties. We will support you from the very beginning! We will be happy to advise and assist you until the project is completed. 

Our Terms of Service will also help you answer any further questions you may have about the funding programme and our services as Leading House of the IB “Plastics for Zero Emission”.