Earlier this month, we published a total of 17 challenges from 8 Swiss companies. Challenges for which solutions are being sought. The Innovation Booster Plastics for Zero Emission supports this search for solutions with up to CHF 25,000 per funded project.


Take the opportunity and have a look at the challenges that have been published. If you have ideas that could contribute to solving one or even several problems, then submit them to the corresponding challenge or the corresponding challenges as a project partner via the Jointcreate platform.


In the week 3 – 7 October, we will hold virtual workshops for all 17 challenges (1 – max. 2 workshops per company), in which the companies will present the respective challenge in detail and the potential project partners can present themselves with their ideas and proposals. Following this, corresponding project teams can then form and submit an application for funding of up to CHF 25,000.


Following you will find an overview of the announced challenges, which links directly to the respective detail page:



Giving a Second Life to Reactive Polyurethane Flushing Waste, by Sika Technology AG
Full Recycling of Thermoplastic Composites, by Kunststoffwerk AG Buchs/Svismold
Matrix Materials with Reduced CO2 Footprint, by Connova AG
Sustainable Production of Composites, by Connova AG
Design for Recycling (D4R), by Connova AG
Carbon Capture and Re-Introduction into the Chemical Supply Chain, by Mitsubishi Chemicals Advanced Materials Composites AG
Reducing Energy Consumption with Low-Temperature-Processable Polymer, by Mitsubishi Chemicals Advanced Materials Composites AG
Full Recyclability of Epoxy Based Thermoset Composites via Pyrolytic Processes, by Huntsman
Fully Biodegradable High-Performance Composites, by Ensinger Composites Schweiz GmbH
Raw Material Extraction from Renewable Sources not Competing with Food Production, by Ensinger Composites Schweiz GmbH
Improvement of Natural fibres (Vegetable and Mineral), by Ensinger Composites Schweiz GmbH
Sustainable Production of Carbon Fibers, by Ensinger Composites Schweiz GmbH
Thermoplastic Composites with “Quasi Unidirectional” and Negative CO2 Footprint Reinforcements, by Autoneum
Zero Emission Circular Polymers Aimed to Manufacture Technical Nonwoven, by Autoneum
Spinning Contaminated PET Waste into Technical Grade Staple Fibers, by Autoneum
Highly Filled Polymer Compound with Negative CO2 Emission, by Autoneum
Development of a Circular Climbing & Mountaineering Rope, by Mammut

If you have any questions about the respective challenges or about your participation in one or more of them, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will be happy to advise and support you in your project plans.