Composites United Switzerland is the Leading House of the Innovation Booster «Plastics for Zero Emission». At last week’s extraordinary board meeting, the CU Switzerland board members discussed the succession of the retiring managing director Stève Mérillat. We are very pleased to have found a solution that ensures the continuity and quality of the management. Theo Sandu will become the new Managing Director of Composites United Switzerland from 1 June 2023, while also serving as Head of the Innovation Booster «Plastics for Zero Emission».

Theo Sandu has already been working at CU Switzerland since February 2017, since last year also as Deputy Managing Director, and is responsible for business development. With Theo, we are relying on an existing force that not only has a lot of industry know-how and experience, but is also very familiar with the processes within Composites United, the largest German-speaking network for fibre-based multi-material lightweight construction.

Christian Brauner, President Composites United Switzerland