Turn you ideas into projects and get financial support of up to CHF 25’000

The second call of the Innovation Booster “Plastics for Zero Emission” in 2022 provides completely new opportunities for Swiss companies. In distinction to the first call, this time we are starting with a “Call for Challenges“.
For this call, we are looking for Swiss companies and organizations as “Implementation Partners” that are facing challenges in the major topic area of reducing CO2 emissions in the field of plastics and composites and are willing to submit these problems in order to find solutions with the support of universities, research institutions, start-ups as well as other companies and organizations.
Submit your challenges and problems. These will be advertised by us as “challenges” and various people or teams from industry and research can submit ideas for solutions.
We are explicitly looking for visionary challenges with a medium- to long-term time horizon. Visions whose feasibility must first be tested. Innovations that may not be realized for several years.
In a workshop held specifically for each challenge, they will be brought together as ” Implementation Partners” with the submitters of solution ideas and discuss a possible collaboration.
If one or more project ideas are found that you would like to support as an Implementation Partner, an application for funding for a feasibility study can be submitted through the IB “Plastics for Zero Emission”. The IB will actively support the consortia in the further course of the project.
The financial contribution of the Implementation Partner amounts to 20% of the granted funding amount (max. CHF 25,000), i.e. the maximum financial contribution per funded project is CHF 5,000.
50% (or max. CHF 2,500) of this in turn goes as a contribution of the Implementation Partner to the Innovation Booster Plastics for Zero Emission, the rest remains with the project consortium.
You have until 26 August to submit your proposals. We are available to you bilaterally at any time. We can also help you in a dedicated workshop to make the topic understandable and eligible for funding. 
Simply contact us by mail or under
+41 52 520 74 00. We will be happy to advise and assist you until the project is completed. 
Our Terms of Service will also help you answer any further questions you may have about the funding programme and our services as Leading House of the IB “Plastics for Zero Emission”.

Timeline Call for Challenges

Submission: 26 August 2022
Publication of challenges: 5 September 2022
Pitching workshops: 3 – 7 October 2022
Project funding application deadline: 8 November 2022
Funding decision: 1 December 2022
Closing/final workshop: Q2 2023